Genital Grinder started way back 1992 at Central College of the Philippines, where Elmer Pambuan, Gado Francisco, Regi Beltran and Tyrone Atanacio crossed their path. Most of the members are from Marikina City. During those years the rape-slay-massacre issue in Marikina City were very harsh. One of the citizens there yelled "Torture those rapists by grinding their genitals as a form of punishment!" That's where the name Genital Grinder came about and the "Fratricide Incestuous Rape" hay days... and of course due to the metal band, Carcass.


Gado Francisco (1992-1994)
Reginad Beltran (1992-2010)
Jimmel Salcapano (1993)
George Regino (1994-1995)
Archie Camañag (1996)
Mark Noval (1996-2013)

Jessie Araneta (1997)



Edmon Samson (1997)

Raymund Serrano (1998-2014)
Emmanuel Villaverde (2008)
Ryan Serrano (2013-2014)
Basil Francisco (2014)
Bimbo Asiado (R.I.P)

Pat  Mabingnay (2016)


We're not hypocrites. We write what we can justify. We do our writings in a metaphor way and sometimes it goes straight to the point. Simple. Our lyrics are about us, about ourselves, about our disgust from the environment. We're not the kind of a band who writes about those satanic stuffs etc... and yet cannot prove what their lyrics is all about. It's like when this guy us attending/playing in a gig he acts lke those satanists whatsoever and yet after the event when he comes home, his mother will give him an errand to buy like flowers (Sampaguita) for their Christian altar. Our message is mostly about giving the proper punishment to those people who are trying to be somebody, trying to be someone, but deep inside theirselves they are not that kind. In short those transparent people. Some of our lyrics are more about a vigilante kind of thing, like there's a man who's trying to live in peace, then some psychos are trippin' and they're going to attack a peaceful man with a knife. Of course this peaceful man will have to react! He'll do something like to fight for his life in order to save himself from the psychos! Then after the incident, perhaps after this peaceful man had damaged these psychos, in the end this peaceful man will surely get the blame from the authorities, they will look unto him like he's already a trouble maker and yet they've never witnessed the thing that happened. Sometimes, they'll also change the report/story of the incident coz the psychos are the sons of a rich/powerful man! Which we all know is not right! So, this peaceful man will try to do something again to prove that he just did the right thing but there are already orders that he should be executed. They already gave him a title as an enemy of the state. Now, what do you think this peaceful man will do next? Our lyrics are mostly about these stories (Hope you got it). It's just all about reality.