No Rules, No Deals, Unsigned and Still Alive Genital Grinder’s Battle Cry A band started in 1992 Started As A Death Metal Band, Highschool friends Tyrone and Regi started making music, then college friend Gado collaborated with us to form a band finally we saw long haired dude named elmer to complete the missing piece then Genital Grinder was born, proudly even though we are just starting we decided to make our own music in those days bands moslty cover songs to start a band but we stick to our shit of doing and writting our own staff listening to death metal and thrash music as a guide on making our own style those time we ended up doing death metal composition and we were happy about it and in around circa 94-95 genital grinder got the chance to participate on the compilation SA KABILANG ANYO NG BUHAY, released by Ivory records Tonedef 10 bands from the phils were given a chance to record one of their original song and in Around 1995 Unconciously Genital Grinder musical direction change unexpectedly discovering JB talent on vocals with his multiple range and attack it became easier for us to write songs that direction leads us to Started playing what we called Original Pinoy Thrash Metal with our Original Composition filling up we recorded songs up to the time Damngood album was born… 1994 – Unexpectedly we Prepresent Our School Central Colleges Of The Phils. In the SAN MIGUEL BEER BATTLE OF THE BANDS held in P.U.P Gym, it was out of nowhere that day we are looking for a studio to have a regular practice coz we have a gig that night but since we cant find a vacant studio and we are on the area around camelot hotel were SMB audtion was. We decided to audition so we could practice that day but its like destiny we are assigned on the last room for audition after playing our songs the judge then on that room told us that we passed the audition and we are going to represent our alma matter Year 1994-1995 Tone def Philippines under Ivory Records Released a 10 Songs Compilation From 10 Metal Bands in the Philippines it was the Sakabilang Anyo Ng Buhay Compilation.. the Ist Ever Formal Release for Metal Band in the Philippines – Genital Grinder was part of it 2011- Genital Grinder first 3 songs demo eas released then around the year a band from malaysia MORGGORM asked us to have a split Album with them we agreed the the split album BATTLE OF FEAR was released In 2000 – 20012 Genital Grinder Recorded 8 songs for their independet album Damngood thanks to James David of Dethrone Records Phils. For the release Oct 28 2023 – GENITAL GRINDER & Canadian Band IN YOUR BLOOD will release a split album name – ANOTHER ROUND OF ASH AND ALCOHOL, it will be released in all digital flatforms and in Canada and North America November 2023 Genital Grinder Release the E.P. – Welcome To Our World it will be released in Ontario Canada, Phillipine coptly will follow soon Genital Grinder -2nd Full Length Album titled: GRAND ELITE RING soon on 3rd quarter of 2024

Genital Grinder
JB Fortuno – Vox
Elmer Pambuan – Rhythm
Anthony Bason – Lead
Samuel Fajardo – Bass
Tyrone Atanacio – Drums

Sa Kabilang Anyo Ng Buhay Days
Elmer Pambuan – Vox
Reginald Beltran – Guitar
Eduardo Francisco – Bass
Tyrone Atanacio – Drums

Damngood Album Era
JB Fortuno – Vox
Mark Noval – Lead
Reginald Beltran – Rhythm
Raymund Serrano – Bass
Tyrone Atanacio – Drums

Camp Grinders Inactive Members

Eduardo “Gado” Francisco
George Regino
Edmon Samson
Archie Camañag
Raymund Serrano
Basil Francisco

Reginald Beltran
Mark Noval
Jimmel sacapano
Jerry Fragante -RIP
Pat Mabignay
Ryan Serrano
Jessie Araneta

Bimbo Asiado – RIP
Emmanuel Villaverde